FOR SALE - Mobile Poultry Processing Plant


This turnkey mobile poultry processing plant is constructed on a 53' refrigerated trailer and meets all food safety and construction standards for commercial kitchens established under Nevada state law (NAC 446).  We have used it as a stationary unit, but it can be re-licensed to be street legal for mobile operations.  It is designed and equipped as a poultry processing plant but can be used as a mobile kitchen, as well.

The processor has two rooms - a smaller "kill side" with an exterior man-door, and a larger "clean side" equipped for evisceration, packaging and sanitation.


The kill side features a 16-bird kill stand, rotary scalder and plucker.  It is also equipped with a ventilation fan, stainless steel shelf, turkey suspension bars, floor sink and switched electrical outlet.


The evisceration area features two stainless steel rods, eight stainless steel rollers per rod, with capacity for up to sixteen birds processed simultaneously.  There is a magnetic knife holder on each wall, as well as two sprayers, allowing two evisceration personnel to work at a time.


The middle portion of the "clean" side contains five doors of refrigeration, an ice machine, and a large three compartment sink.


The far end of the processing trailer is a packaging area, with a spray table, vacuum sealer, and room for a heat-shrink setup.  There is also a steam jacketed kettle and meat grinder.  This setup, separating the evisceration and packaging areas with the cleaning station, allows for packaging activities to safely happen simultaneously to kill/evisceration activities.


The package includes ALL equipment necessary for a poultry processing operation, including (but not limited to)

53' Utility reefer trailer, finished to NAC 446 and Elko County Building Code standards:

  • FRP walls
  • Color-coded hot and cold water
  • Conduit run electrical, 6-8 circuits
  • Two rooms (kill side + clean side)
  • Marine plywood sealed non-slip floor
  • 3 floor sinks
  • Enclosed flourescent lighting throughout
  • Exterior lights over mandoor and trailer doors

Kill side equipment:

  • Featherman 16-bird kill stand
  • Poultryman rotary scalder
  • Featherman PRO XL plucker
  • Steel bar/pulley system for turkey kill/bleed
  • Stainless steel shelf
  • Exhaust fan
  • 32 gallon Ace trash can

Evisceration equipment:

  • 2 stainless steel roller bars
  • 16 rollers
  • 12 chicken shackles
  • 2 turkey shackles
  • 2 magnetic knife holders
  • 2 belt knife holders
  • 5 44 gallon Brute food-grade containers
  • 6 32 gallon Brute food-grade containers
  • 1 15 gallon Brute food-grade container
  • Victorinox knives - numerous
  • 5 Brute trash can dollies
  • 1 Brute trash can
  • 2 installed ceiling spray nozzles

Foodhandling equipment:

  • 2 door and 3 door commercial refrigerators
  • 3 door commercial freezer
  • Scotsman ice maker with bin
  • 24" three compartment sink with side shelves and sprayer
  • Cutting boards and storage bins - numerous
  • Steam jacketed kettle -5-gallon tilt
  • Bunn meat grinder

Packaging equipment

  • Vacmaster commercial vacuum sealer
  • Evisceration table with spray hose
  • Single burner propane stove
  • Large pot for heat shrinking
  • Label caddy
  • Hemostats and pinning knife


  • All supplies currently in processor
  • 3 shelving units
  • Handwashing station
  • HAACP plan 
  • SSOPs 
  • Employee Health Plan


This turnkey processing facility is available for $119,000 FOB.

 For more information, please call or (preferably) text Sue at (775) 934-4466.