Grilling a Perfect Burger


We think the perfect burger is juicy, pink on the inside, a bit charred on the outside, shaped evenly enough that it fits in the bun and cooks evenly. It's not hard to do with a little practice!  Figure 6 oz. of burger per person, and for the juiciest burgers, use 80/20 ground beef.

Fire up the grill!  The grill should be hot... if you're using charcoal, wait until the charcoals are glowing orange and ashed over.  If you're using a gas grill, turn it to high and give it plenty of time to warm up.

Handle the meat as little as possible. You don't want to compact it any more than is absolutely necessary. The easiest way to shape patties without overhandling is to use a hamburger ring, available at any kitchen store.

Once the patties are shaped, use your thumb to put a deep thumbprint in the middle of each patty. The burgers will want to plump up as you cook, the thumbprint will "fool" the burger into cooking up flat.

Season both sides of the burger with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

Brush the burgers with canola oil.  Grill the first side until golden brown and lightly charred, at least three minutes.  Flip only once, and cook the other side 3-4 minutes until rare/med. rare.

Enjoy in your favorite burger recipe!