Event Camping


Enjoy quiet, close-in camping during the 2021 Ruby Roubaix and Lamoille Marathon, at beautiful Kennedy Ranch!  

We have limited space for trailer/van parking, and ample room for walk-in tent camping.  AND - we will carry your tent and bags for you to the shady, grassy spot you choose.  No need to schlep heavy gear!

There will be porta-potties and a hand washing station on site, as well as sweet well water for filling water bottles.  Vehicle parking will be on Deer Lane and Country Club lane.

Our pasture is one block from the Lamoille Grove.  It is the heart of our grass-finished beef operation, which is why we must limit driving on the grass.

Rates:  $40 camper/trailer/small RV, $20 tent.  Advance reservations ONLY, please, so we can be sure and have adequate facilities for you.  Camping will open at noon June 18.  All campers must check out before 12 noon June 20th.

Pets:  We've been asked about people bringing dogs.  This is an active cattle operation and we'd really prefer if your traveling companions didn't make the trip.  If you do bring them along, please be sure that 1) they won't bark and bother your neighbors, and 2) that they are leashed 100% of the time, so that they don't chase the cattle or bother your neighbors.  

Be advised that there are both skunks and porcupines enjoying life on our ranch, and wandering dogs can sometimes end up having misadventures...