Deposit on a fresh Kennedy Ranch turkey

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When it comes to turkey, go big or go home, right???

If you want one of these turkeys you're gunning for a big 'un.  We're trying to keep these fresh turkeys within the realm of reason, but you can be certain that it'll weigh at least 20 lbs.  Most of these fresh turkeys will be in the 25 lb range.  

Turkeys will be sold for $4.75/lb actual weight.

Please note:  THESE TURKEYS ARE FOR SCHEDULED PICKUP ONLY.  They will be available for pickup in Lamoille on Sunday, November 24th, or in Reno on Monday, November 25th.  If you do not plan on enjoying your turkey for Thanksgiving, or can not do scheduled pickup, please order a frozen turkey and we will deliver it in October or November.  Thank you.