CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Due to families stocking their freezers in advance of the quarantine period, we are temporarily sold out of chicken.  We will have chicken available for retail sale again in June.

You may be able to find Kennedy Ranch chicken at the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op, in Reno.

We are taking advanced reservations for chicken bundles, for June delivery.  A $25 deposit will hold a four chicken bundle, with the balance due on delivery.

Thanks for understanding, and we hope you and your family stay healthy and safe.


"Tastes like chicken" has become a byword for boring in this country, which is a crying shame. REAL chicken, grown the way it was on family farms, was immensely flavorful, moist, tender, hugely nutritious - and raised in a way that made sense for both the birds and the farmer.

We've opted out of the ugly confinement system that dominates this country. We raise our chickens the old-fashioned way - on pasture, in the sunshine. We raise birds that know how to forage for themselves, and process them ourselves here on the ranch under license from the State of Nevada. 

Try one - you'll see. Be as creative or as basic as you like. We're redefining "tastes like chicken" to something... wonderful.