Chicken Schmaltz



DO NOT throw your chicken fat away!

DO NOT throw your chicken fat away!

DO NOT throw your chicken fat away!!!!!

Chicken fat is God's gift to good cooks around the world - it is a healthy cooking fat that takes high heat and adds an incredible shot of flavor to everything it touches.  Use it in place of butter to make recipes Whole 30 and paleo-compliant.  Use it in place of vegetable oil to saute vegetables or brown meat.  Sneak it into your stews to add depth of flavor.

The uses are endless and are only a Google search away.

Rendering chicken fat into schmaltz is really easy.  The keys to getting it right - make sure there is ZERO chance of water or other liquid getting into it, and make sure there is ZERO chance of any meat particles or other impurities in it.

1.  Pull the excess fat from your chicken carcass and store it in the freezer in a sealed bag or jar.  When you collect up enough of it, put the fat into a baking pan and put it into a preheated 350-degree oven to render.  I do this on the grill rather than the oven, but the effect is the same.

2.  When the fat has melted completely, strain it by pouring it through a chinois a few times.  I add cheesecloth the last time through, just to make sure I strain out any potential problems.

3.  Pour the schmaltz into clean, dry, sterilized glass jars, let it cool completely, put one jar in your fridge and the rest in your freezer.  If you were careful and didn't let any water or impurities get into it, it will keep in your fridge for months.  If you're into canning, you can use a pressure canner and keep it on your pantry shelves.